• Cobá was one of the most powerful cities in the Yucatan Peninsula during the Classic period and before Chichén Itzá’s appearance.
  • Cobá’s citizens were great merchants. For this purpose, the ancient settlers built an extensive system of white roads called sacbeob, so they could travel by night and avoid the intense rays of the sun due to the color of the soil. The largest sac-bé or “white road” ends in Yaxuná, just a few miles south of Chichén Itzá.
  • Do you remember the buzz about December 21, 2012? The common belief about the end of the world was due to an inscription on the Stele One of Cobá that represents the last day of an era in their calendar.
  • The tallest pyramid in the Yucatan Peninsula is at Cobá. Known as Nohoch Mul, it is 137 ft (42 m) tall, which is a similar height of a 10-story building.
  • Within the Cobá territory there are five lagoons, and according to some experts, its name means punched water.
  • During its golden age, it had about 50,000 inhabitants. It doesn’t look like a large number nowadays, but can you imagine how it was like to produce enough goods for everyone about 1,500 years ago?

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Things to do in Cobá

In this ancestral city you can discover the archaeological site of Cobá which has the tallest pyramid in the Riviera Maya that can still be climbed to admire all the jungle surrounding this beautiful place. Outside of the archaeological site is the Cobá lagoon, the perfect place to walk around and take pictures of this beautiful landscape.

Take the opportunity to go to any close Cobá cenote to enjoy this natural wonders, like the cenote Choo-Ha, Tankach-Ha or Multun-Ha, or go on the Xenotes tour to discover the four kind of cenotes that exist in the Peninsula of Yucatán in just one day.

Cobá tours

The best Cobá tours can be found with the Xichén tours that takes you from Playa del Carmen or Cancún to Cobá. You can enjoy Cobá with a combination of the Tulum tour, both of them are the most visited archaeological sites of the Riviera Maya, or combine your Cobá tour with Xel-Há, that has unlimited snorkel, buffet and drinks included.

In the Cobá tour, you can make a lot of activities like following a sac-bé, a bike ride, climb the tallest pyramid in Yucatán and enjoy all the experiences that you will find with the Xichén tours.